Touch Into Calm

LA and Orange County Body Centered Psychotherapy
Therapy for Stress, Trauma, Depression, Relationship Issues
Adults, Children, and Family

Sarah Brink, CPC, SEP, LA and Orange County Body Centered Psycotherapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Your Next Step

I am available for individual sessions in person as well as for phone and Skype sessions.

If we work in person, and you are open to it, I am a Certified Touch Skill Trauma Therapist. In this treatment modality, touch is directed at calming and releasing stress in the body which can deepen the experience immensely.  However, touch is not required for you to make progress.

I also train individuals, couples and small groups in Focusing, how to develop and practice safe communication techniques for greater intimacy, safety, and a deeper awareness of self and others.  It can be used for personal or professional communication to enhance insight, relationships and team work.  This can also be done over the phone, Skype or in person.  We also access the felt sense and learn to experience it, share it and listen to it in a nonjudgmental way.  Profound releases and shifts occur using this simple yet deep modality.  The individuals learn the skills and as they feel more comfortable with their listening and communication skills, they are able to use them in their relationships or practice them with each other.
Fees and Services
This is a fees for service based private practice and I am not an in-network provider on insurance plans.  My fees are currently $120 for a full 60 minute session and $180 for a full 90 minute session.  Many clients choose the full 90 minute session, especially if we are incorporating Touch Therapy into the session. In many cases the extra time is needed for talking about issues, doing Touch Therapy and allowing essential time to settle before the session closes.

My fees are due and payable either at the time of, or prior to, your scheduled session. I invite you to pay for your session online below.  Please note that I offer special PayPal Credit financing as well for your convenience.  Two important features of this credit payment plan are six (6) months no payment and no interest.  Finances no longer have to be a barrier to your receiving the help you need, today!
Individual Sessions
Full 60 Minute Session
Single Session: $120
Full 90 Minute Session
Single Session: $180

Please print and complete the following form and bring it with you to your initial 

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